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Healthy Indian Vegetarian for the Home Cook

First blog post… feeling excited and a little nervous to start on this new phase of a journey toward greater healthiness, openness, fun, and adventure…

One of the big issues of our day is how to eat healthy; how to cook wholesome foods at home that are tasty and nourish our bodies; how to shop for groceries that don’t break the budget; that don’t have tons of preservatives and artificial chemicals.

By the way, isn’t it funny that we human beings (selfish as we are) also love to give? To contribute and to make life easier, lighter, and more fun not just for ourselves but for other people too 🙂

That’s why I started The Kitchen Bell. At first the passion to figure out healthy vegetarian eating solutions focused on my family and myself.

Now it’s focused on supporting interested others in learning about and making healthier food choices. I incorporate traditional Indian spices, herbs, pulses (legumes), and whole grains to create recipes, classes, and ready-to-cook food products (no preservatives).

We have a mini cooking class coming up. Developing new recipes and products. Very excited to bring you these options!

Stay tuned for updates!

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